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Zepp Tennis 2 Swing Analyser


Zepp Tennis 2 is an evolution of the worlds most powerful swing analyser. Track practice and match statistics, and compare against other players to gain powerful insights about your performance instantly. With new Smart Capture technology, Zepps powerful video tools automatically film every swing and allow you attach many cool effects on your highlights. Simply attach the sensor to your racquet and let Zepp help you become the player you aspire to be.


  • Analyse you match - Shot types, ball speed, spin and more.
  • Create Highlights - Use your device to upload highlights of your game to Facebook, Instagram Twitter etc.
  • Join the community - Compare your style against the pro’s and the whole Zepp community.

Analyse your match

Zepp Tennis 2 tracks key performance metrics for each swing including: stroke type, ball speed, ball spin, sweet spot, and more. With Zepp, even a casual rally can deliver profound insights, showing you how to turbocharge your ground strokes and explode your serve. See how to make game changing break through and begin winning more sets.


Never miss a shot

The innovative Smart Rally Capture technology automatically records every rally and generates individual clips of each shot, so you can easily analyse and share your game instantly. You can also capture any moment using the One Touch Rollback feature.


Breaking Down Your Strokes

Zepp will break down your strokes by swing type (smash, volley, forehand, backhand, serve) and spin type (top spin, flat, slice) and provide a separate performance report for each, indicating areas for improvement.

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1 year

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Zepp Tennis 2 Swing Analyser
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