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Logitech USB Extension Cable Stand

Extend the reach of your USB device with the Logitech USB 2.0 extension cable!

This Logitech USB cable provides up to 1.8m of connectivity and features high-speed USB 2.0 Type A male to A female connectors. Use it to connect printers, laptops, desktop PCs, MP3 players, removable storage and other USB devices.

Work closer your receiver

This USB Stand is an extension cable, allowing you to move your receiver closer to your keyboard and/or mouse.


With this stand, you can vary the position and the orientation of your receiver.

Minimise interference

This can help extend the range of your product and minimize problems from external Radio Frequency (RF) interference.


1.8m Logitech Hi-Speed USB 2.0 A (M) to USB 2.0 A (F) Extension Cable



Well it does what you would want an extension cable to do.
The only this is that it's better to use it when you want to see something on your table. Like a USB flash drive. Because it has some small "legs" on the bottom
5 out of 5

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82 g


1.6 Metres

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Logitech USB Extension Cable Stand
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